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March Sadness

Hey there Red Raider Nation!

We are back once again with another edition of the Bell Ringer. I've got a bit of news to cover this week, so let's jump straight into it!

Back in the Saddle

Nothing has been out of the ordinary so far with Saddle Tramps. Everyone has returned home from spring break refreshed, and everything is back to business.

We have decided to participate in Delta Gamma's Anchor Splash this semester. We will be sending some of our guys to participate and be coached in the art of choreographed swim routines (God help us all). More updates to come in the following weeks.

Saddle Tramps and Alpha Phi sitting together for the first game of the UT vs TTU baseball series
Saddle Tramps and Alpha Phi, UT vs TTU Game 1

The New Guys

As of right now, our Spring 2022 pledge class now contains only two members. Despite this, both of these gentlemen are still trucking along with their responsibilities as pledges. They have now taken six of their tests, and we will be having mid-review for them next week. Wish them the best of luck!

March Sadness

Well, we never wanted it to come to this point, but unfortunately it has. The Red Raiders NCAA Tournament run has come to an end. Texas Tech was defeated 78 - 73 in the Sweet 16 by the Duke University Blue Devils. A heartbreaking loss for the team and Red Raider fans nationwide.

While it's heartbreaking to see this team's run come to an end, I think we can all agree that what they cultivated here was something special. In his first year as head coach, Mark Adams was able to take this team to a Sweet 16 appearance, and took home both AP Big 12 Coach of the Year and Jim Phelan Coach of the Years honors. I think it's absolutely incredible what Coach Adams has been able to achieve, and losing to Duke is not a bad way to go out this season. With older players like Bryson Williams, Adonis Arms, and potentially Terrance Shannon leaving Tech, we will have to wait and see what Coach Adams will be able to make of this team in the future.

I would like to say that I am absolutely proud of this team. There were so many doubters, so many nay-sayers that said that we wouldn't be anything without Chris Beard. When it comes down to it, I couldn't give a flying expletive about the haters or Chris Beard anymore. Mark Adams is the real deal. He is what makes this team great. Adams has proven that is it possible to recruit to Lubbock, and he has shown that he is still a championship coach.

Chin up, Red Raider nation, we have a bright future ahead of us.

Walk-Offs and Dimes

Let's move on to a happier subject, shall we? Last week, the Red Raiders faced off against the Texas Longhorns to open up Big 12 Baseball play. It was looking to be a big challenge to face off against the #2 team in the nation. But like as always, the Red Raiders showed the Longhorns who really runs the state.

Texas Tech started the three game series off with a bang, going into extra innings with a 4-4 score. But then, with a 0-2 count, two outs, and a runner on second and third, #8 Kurt Wilson for Tech showed that he had no fear as he stole home plate to win the game. What makes this play so much more magical was not the crowd exploding when Kurt began to run, not the team celebration at the end, but the pitcher's reaction. He never even looked up to see what was happening until Kurt was sliding through the batter's box. What an incredible way to cap off Game 1 of the series.

We then move on to Game 2 the next day. Once again, Tech and Texas face off in a back-and-forth battle to bring the game to extra innings tied 12-12. Then, in the bottom of the 10th, with two outs and bases loaded, Texas Baseball's Owner Kurt Wilson hits a dinger out of the park for a walk-off grand slam. Tech would officially take the series over Texas. Unfortunately, Tech would be run ruled in Game 3 of the series.

Then, coming off their series with Texas and a quick two game tune up shattering of SFA, the Red Raiders would head to Lawrence to face off against the Kansas Jayhawks. Tech would win the series 2-1, with a Game 2 beatdown that had a final score of 28 - 2, only 4 runs off of the school record in a single game.

As it stands currently, Texas Tech Baseball stands at a 24 - 6 overall record, 4-2 in the Big 12, and are now ranked #4 in the nation. The team looks to play another 2 game tune-up against Grand Canyon University on April 5-6.

Closing Words

Red Raider Nation, I would like to thank you all for reading this edition of the Bell Ringer. Coming soon will be a dedicated Alumni section, where our Alumni Head Bryce Hamlin will be writing his Alumni update. Be on the lookout for that!

More updates to come soon, and I promise I'll actually get the blog posts out on time! Have a great day, Red Raider Nation!

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