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Saddle Tramps is a non-greek Fraternity based around sports. We have a rush period every first week of each Fall and Spring semesters. Rush events are normally posted about a week in advance and will be posted on here in our Newsletter and on all forms of social media. The goal of these rush events is for us to get to know you and to make sure you are a good fit for the organization. After a few of these events, we will have a bid night. This is the night where you either make it into the greatest organization on campus, or you don't. If you do make it, you will be considered a pledge where you will learn directly from us and how we, as an org, operate. If you don't make it, do not be discouraged. You can always come out again during the next rush period. If you wish to rush this great organization, click the email button below, this will put you in contact with the Rush committee head who will keep you informed on when events are and what to wear. Just send your full name, phone number, hometown, and just something about you. If you're not so sure yet, keep scrolling to find more reasons why you should rush Saddle Tramps.




As a pledge, you will have study hall twice a week for 2 hours, a meeting once a week, and any games or events we may have come up during the week. With that said, it may sound like a lot but it really isn't that bad. You will still have plenty of time to study, and hangout with your friends.


We have semesterly dues. As a pledge you will be paying $300. It can be paid by credit card, upfront with cash or check, or in payments. We know $300 can be a lot to some people but, unlike other organizations, everything you pay goes right back to you in the form of your very own customizable Bell, tons of new shirts, food from our smoker, mixers we throw with other organizations, or brotherhood events. We pay much less for the same values as a frat and we get to do a lot more and get a lot more out of it. Other organizations wish they could sit front row, light the homecoming bonfire, and be allowed field and court access at games. Paying the dues is absolutely 100% worth what you get out of it.


Unfortunately, Texas Tech does not offer any scholarships for Saddle Tramps. However, other generous donors do dedicate scholarships for Saddle Tramps and taking on a leadership role in the organization looks great on any application or resume.


Saddle Tramps is a great resume builder with opportunities in Public Relations, Cooking, and picture taking and editing as well as other leadership roles within the org. To get the best perks you must remain in the org for 4 semesters including your pledge semester. Once you hit this milestone, you get a free Bell Holder, a meeting with the President of TTU, and a personal letter of recommendation from him. As well as cords when you graduate and a lasting brotherhood as part of our alumni association. Other perks are field access, front row reserved seats at all sporting events, meeting famous Texas Tech alumni, and being part of the greatest traditions at Texas Tech.


Our policy is, we won't do anything to you that we wouldn't want done to us. With that said, there are things that every new member must do. None of which will cause you harm or put you in any sort of danger. The type of things you must do are just to introduce you to the active members and for you to learn our traditions in a very easy way. Please feel free to email the 2nd Vice President if you have any further questions.


You are a student first, Saddle Tramp second. We want you to succeed in your field of study so you can go out into the world after graduation and represent the organization the best you can. Our minimum GPA requirement is a 2.0. Same as Texas Tech's. As a pledge there will be study hall opportunities. If you do not make a 2.0, you will be put on probation and will be required to attend that semester's study halls. It is not a punishment but it is a way for us to help you out with your grades.



Your Pledge Class Could Be Next

Razors, Ten Disciples, Double Dozen Gang, Tech Gigolos, Hazzards, 345's, Ragin' Rebels Ramblin Wrecks, Cruisers, Texas Tech Gentlemen, Blazers, Tech Select, Raider Road Sheiks, Raider Express, Long Riders, Tech Gold Rangers, Tech Pioneers, Mavericks, Tech Rough Riders, Tech Regulators, Tech Enforcers, Tech Drifters, Tech Innovators, Tech Crusaders, Tech Trackers, Desparados, Posse, Highwaymen, Ghost Riders, Tech Coalition, Gun Slingers, Midnight Calvary, Tech Elite, Bandits, Double T Deputies, Big XII Marshals, Tech Outlaws, Tramps United, Tech Rebels, Stampede, Dark Horseman, Midnight Matadors, Young Guns, Merciless Marauders, Mud Dogs, Reckless Red, Smokin' Saddles, Hell Raisin' Raiders, Bell Tower Brigade, Wreckin' Techsans, Wild Whitmores, Rampaging Raiders, Fighting Techsans, Matador Militia, Lonestar Legends, Texas Tramps LXX, Arch's Army, Raider Wrath, Double T Unit, Bonfire Bandits, Lamb's Legacy, Smokin' Joe's Bros, Red's Redemption, Gun's Up Gringos, 75th Scarlet Battalion, Hold Ma Bell, Blazing Saddles, Eternal Matadors, 00Saddles, Breaking Bells, Bertha's Boys, Red's Rider, Bell Raisers, Hell on Bells, Hub City Hell Raisers, Neff Said, West Texas Gunslingers, Fearless Trampions, Red Dirt Raiders, The Night’s Watch, and 12 Gauge Raiders



Hear It From The Guys Who Did It

Each of these men have gone through the Saddle Tramp pledge ship. They were all asked the same question. "What was the best part of being a pledge or new member?"

"The best part about being a pledge was feeling like part of a brotherhood, something you wouldn't have if you were just a normal student."

Newt Koemel

Fall '16 Hub City Hell Raisers

"I really liked being involved in the traditions of Texas Tech such as Homecoming Bonfire, Carol of Lights, wrapping of Will Rogers and Soapsuds as well as the bell circle."

Tyler Klattenhoff

Fall '17 Neff Said

"The best part about being a pledge was gaining the best friends I could ever ask for, and learning about all the traditions of Texas Tech."

Branson Stephens

Spring '18 West Texas Gunslingers

"I really enjoyed learning all of the traditions, making new friends, and getting involved in my University."

Solon Hamer

Fall '18 Fearless Trampions



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