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Saddle Tramps Bowl Game Trip 2022

Not all details are final, please check back for updates, if there are any changes to arrival/departure times you will be notified

Rooming Assignments

Jacob Mraz & Emilio Arranz

Ashton Bohn & Landry Roberts

Bentley Strey  & Clay Andrews

Bryan Burns & Josh Burns

Declan Lowe & Bryson White

Gary Acebedo & Enrique Molinar

Isiah Pedroza & Garret Massey

Tyler Kavenaugh & Henry Saban

Jose Andrade & Hayden Alvear

Landon Mehta &  John Hale

Trent Bell  & Frank Martinez

Cade Sharp & Maleik McPherson

Wayland Damron & Holden Jackson

Cameron Zapata & Christian Reyes

Evan Watts & Mitchell Smith

Marshal Debenedictis & Jett Baker

Josh Rodriguez & Zeke Rangel

Colby Killian & Payton Harris

Cole Cameron & Alan Ramos

Hunter Pitman

Bus Driver

Q & A

Can I travel on my own to Houston?

You may only travel on your own to Houston if you do not have a pickup location for the bus near you.

Can I stay somewhere besides the Hotel?

No, we ask that everyone stays at the hotel to make coordinating events easier. If you have a special circumstance that prohibits you from staying at the hotel you must notify either the President or Sergeants.

What do I bring?

You need to bring everything listed on the Itinerary sheet above. If you left something in Lubbock you need to start making arrangements to have it taken to Houston.

Where are our seats?

We will be seated in section 131 and 132 in the first three rows. The  President has all the tickets and will handle entry to the stadium.

Will we be doing a bell circle?

Yes! We have been given 45 seconds of the pre-game show to do a bell circle and go to the tunnel to welcome out the team.

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