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Fall Kickoff 2023

Welcoming the Matador Mafia - Spring '23 Pledge Class

We're thrilled to introduce our newest pledge class, the spirited "Matador Mafia" from Spring 2023! These individuals have shown immense dedication, enthusiasm, and Red Raider spirit right from the start. Despite joining us during a roller-coaster of a basketball and baseball season, their passion and commitment to Texas Tech have remained unshaken.

Basketball & Baseball Season Recap

The Texas Tech basketball and baseball seasons presented us with both challenges and moments of triumph this year. Our newest pledge class and the entire Saddle Tramps family stood steadfast, embodying the unyielding spirit of the Red Raiders. The echoing sounds of our cheers and your unwavering belief in our teams made all the difference, ensuring that our presence was felt at every turn.

Anticipating the Roars of the 2023 Football Season

This upcoming 2023 football season promises excitement and energy like never before! As our stadium undergoes transformative renovations, fans can brace themselves for an electrifying atmosphere. The upgrades are set to amplify our game-day experience, ensuring that every match is not just watched but truly lived.

It's not just the stadium that's buzzing with anticipation, but the entire Red Raider community. We are eagerly awaiting Joey McGuire's second year leading Texas Tech football, with high hopes for the team's ascent under his guidance. The future of Texas Tech football, underpinned by McGuire's vision, looks brighter than ever, and Saddle Tramps is committed to elevating this journey.

Our legacy of being the loudest supporters at games is a mantle we wear with pride. As Saddle Tramps, our voices resonate with the heartbeats of thousands of fans. We're gearing up for an action-packed season, and we call upon every member to amplify our collective roar. Together, let's make the stadiums reverberate with our cheers and ensure that the future of Texas Tech Football and Saddle Tramps shines brighter than ever!

-Newsletter written by Grant Cato Alumni Head Fall 2023

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