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The Tramp Crusade!

"Leading and teaching this pledge class was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I believe that they will prove themselves as great Tramps, and I can’t wait to see what they can do for the org and the university."(Jacob Mraz, 2nd Vice Fall 2022 )

The Cactus Crusaders has been the biggest post COVID -19 pledge class with a total of 31 members becoming actives as of Spring 2023. These members have already stepped up in the organization with multiple members joining and leading committees due to a new shadowing program made by Emilio Arranz. This program allowed potential new members to shadow a committee head and understand what they do for the organization. This allowed an easier transition for them once they become active and could be in those positions.

"Going into the org I was looking for a brotherhood to replace the one I lost giving up football. Throughout pledge-ship, all of us developed a bond, to the point if anyone was in trouble the rest of us were just a call away. Although some time has passed and some of our brothers have dropped, the bonds we made are still as intact as they were during our pledge-ship, and will remain that way." (Tyler Kavanaugh, Fall 2022 Potential New Member)

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