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Hey there Red Raider Nation! We hope social distancing is going as well as possible. With classes online and all events canceled, our semester as Saddle Tramps has come to an end. So, this will serve as the end of the semester’s Bell Ringer. In this COVID-19 Special Edition, we will be touching on what’s next for us and a tribute to all of the guys who are either graduating or getting out of the org as alumni.

What’s Next:

At this point in time, we’re not sure if Red Raider Orientations will be happening over the summer and the org fairs that take place during the second day is how we get most of our pledge class for the Fall semester. This is where we need your help Red Raiders! We are devising a plan for Rush in the Fall but we can’t do it alone. If you know of a person coming to Tech in the Fall, please tell them about us! Show them our social media, show them our website or email with their name and contact info and have us reach out to them for you! We need guys who love the traditions at Tech, don’t mind a little hard work, and are looking to have the time of their lives! If you know anyone, point them in our direction!

Senior Tributes: Normally at the end of the semester, our Seniors get a chance to speak in front of the entire active body. We call it Senior Say. This semester our seniors didn’t get the chance to do that and so we thought it would be the best option to tell everyone who these Saddle Tramps are and what they’ve done in the org. By order of pledge class:

Adam Duke: Fall ’16 Hub City Hell Raisers

Adam served on the Evaluations Committee in both the Spring and the Fall Semesters of 2018. He served as a pledge trainer for the Fall ’18 pledge class, and most recently he served as Secretary for the org. His favorite memory while in Saddle Tramps was getting to ring Bangin Bertha at the Homecoming Football Game in 2019.

Triston Colquett: Fall ’16 Hub City Hell Raisers

Triston served on the Smoking Joe committee in 2017. He then served as Treasurer’s Assistant and finally Treasurer as part of our Exec Board. You may have seen Triston on the sidelines of the Jones as one of the Raider Red’s assistants in Fall 2018. Triston’s favorite memory of being in Saddle Tramps is doing his first Bell Circle in the Fall of 2016.

Andrew Sabatino: Fall ’17 Neff Said

Andrew served on the Evaluations Committee, Pledge Staff, and Intramural Committee in the semesters of Fall 18 through Spring 19. He served as Spring 2020’s 2nd Vice President and Head Pledge Trainer. His favorite memory while in Saddle Tramps is hanging out with the guys every Tuesday after our weekly meetings and sometimes at our “Poker Night” on Fridays.

Michael Zabbatino: Fall ’17 Neff Said

Michael served as the Intramural Chairman from Spring 2018 through Spring 2020. He was on pledge staff in the Spring of 2019 and served on Exec in Fall 2019 as the 2nd Vice President and Head Pledge Trainer. Michael’s favorite memory is being one of the few guys chosen to light the Homecoming Bonfire in Fall 2019.

Tyler Klattenhoff: Fall ’17 Neff Said

Tyler served as a pledge trainer on pledge staff in Spring 2018. He served as Rush Co-Chairman, Social Co-chairman in Fall ’18 and served as Evaluations Chairman from Fall ’18 until Spring 2020. Tyler’s favorite part of Saddle Tramps was meeting lifelong friends and creating memories with them.

Branson Stephens: Spring ’18 West Texas Gunslingers

Branson served on Exec for two semesters as Treasurer’s Assistant and Treasurer. Branson is the last remaining person in his pledge class and has been for a while. So, his favorite memory is getting to sing his pledge class song, by himself, every single Midnight Raiders and every time we go to the Bell Tower after football games. If you ever run into Branson, ask him to sing it for you. It’s pretty funny.

Alex Norwood: Fall ’18 Fearless Trampions

Alex served on our Smoking Joe committee in Spring and Fall 2019. Alex also served as the Social Chairman in the Fall of 2019. His favorite memory is hanging out with his friends and watching the Final Four Basketball Game last year. He is leaving Saddle Tramps to be on Tech's Meat Judging team so be on the lookout for this potential National Champion!

Nick Crews: Fall ’18 Fearless Trampions

Nick served on the Social Committee and Smoking Joe Committee throughout his time in Saddle Tramps. His favorite memories in Tramps includes having Mixers with different organizations around campus and doing all the Bell Circles at the Football games.

Julio Alejo: Spring ’19 Red Dirt Raiders

Julio has served as the Homecoming Co-chairman in the Fall of 2019 and the Spring of 2020. He served as the Saddle Tramp representative to the Student Activities Board and Rush Chairman for Spring 2020 and was on Pledge Staff for Fall 2019. Julio’s favorite memories in Saddle Tramps are setting up the Homecoming Bonfire, Carol of Lights, and doing interviews for Fox 34 in Lubbock.

Thank You, Seniors.

Y’all stay safe and wash your hands!

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