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The New Era Begins

We recently elected a new Executive Board! These Gentlemen are the the guys best suited for the job. Our new Exec Board goes as Follows:

President: Brandt Schneider Fall ‘16 Hub City Hell Raisers #twoterms

1st Vice President: Chad Harberson Fall ‘16 Hub City Hell Raisers

2nd Vice President: Michael Zabbatino Fall ‘17 Neff Said

Secretary: Adam Duke Fall ‘16 Hub City Hell Raisers

Treasurer: Branson Stephens Spring ‘18 West Texas Gunslingers

Treasurer’s Assistant: Regi Lane Fall ‘17 Neff Said

Sergeant At Arms: Carlos Rangel Fall ‘18 Fearless Trampions

Sergeant At Arms: Gage Brockman Fall ‘17 Neff Said

These men are extremely fit to lead this organization and we can’t wait to see how they do!

We we also had our Final Review for our Pledge Class this semester this past week.

All 6 of them met all requirements and were allowed into the organization! The Spring ‘19 Red Dirt Raiders consist of Colby Reynolds, Craig Wallace, Hunter Tackett, Jason Jones, Julio Alejo, and Parker Knapp. All of these guys are valuable members to the org and deserve to be here.

We are very appreciative of all the support we received as a result of the Bell Tower Tours we gave the weekend of the Final Four and National Championship game. We apologize for how it ended but it was out of our control. Be on the lookout for future opportunities to come out and see one of the best parts of being a Saddle Tramp!

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