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It's (Virtual) Homecoming!

Happy Homecoming Red Raiders!

Typically, this week is filled with fun activities that inspire school spirit. This year Texas Tech tried its best to put on a Homecoming celebration but like most things in 2020, it's different. This year we won't be having a bonfire or the homecoming parade due to Covid, but we'll still be cheering on the Red Raiders this Saturday inside the Jones!

We have some pretty big Saddle Tramp news so buckle in because its a long one.

Last week we had our semesterly Big/Little night! We had all of the pledges very surprised that it was Big/Little so it was a massive success!

Banditos now has 22 Active Members

Trampasaurus now has 17 Active Members

Sessadab now has 13 Active Members

and Regis now has 7 Active Members! Congrats Littles and Bigs on making it to the next phase of pledgeship!

This week, we had MidReview for our pledges. Since it is almost exactly in the middle of the semester, we take this meeting to run down the pledge's test grades, signature appointments, attendance. We are happy to announce that all of our pledges made it through MidReview and can continue with Pledge ship. They all met the required sig appointments and attendance points and their lowest test average was 75! This is a huge accomplishment.

Those gentlemen's names are:

Bryce Hamlin, James Gilmore, Joseph Reisinger, Landon Mehta, Vincent Gonzales, Nathan Taylor, John Hale, Josh Burns, Ian Hernandez, JJ Kinsumba, Breckin Murphy, Jackson Brittain, Justin Crounse, Ivan Torres, Ethan Pierce, Maleik McPherson, Jaedon Anderson, Sam Culpepper, Mitchell Smith, and Joshua Bielss. Congratulations All of You!!

Now they will get ready for Final Review by taking the rest of their tests, getting the rest of their signatures, and maintaining good attendance.

We look forward to a great game on Saturday! With Henry Colombi getting the start at QB, we're not sure how the game will turnout but like always, we'll be hoping for the W! This should be an exciting game! If you're in town for Homecoming, come out and see us at the Wrapping or if your at the game on Saturday, come say hi!

Thank you for reading this weeks Bell Ringer! Wreck Em!!!

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