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March Sadness

Hey Red Raiders! It's been a week full of rumors, craziness, classes, and midterms.

If you don't know by now, due to the Coronavirus, Texas Tech has canceled classes the week after Spring Break and are moving to online classes until further notice. We are just as in the dark as y'all are on this. When we learn things and how the rest of the semester will go, we will update you all on our social media.

We were going to post a Game Breakdown today for the Texas Basketball game but it appears that it has been canceled. We are not sure how the NCAA Tournament will go or if it will even continue. Hopefully, another Breakdown will happen this semester but if no sports are being played, there is no breakdown to post.

Saddle Tramp News:

After our extended Spring Break, our pledges will be gearing up for Mid-Review! They've been getting their sigs, learning the traditions and getting to know the active body! Wish these guys some luck!

Saddle Tramp Of The Week: Tyler Klattenhoff

Tyler comes to Lubbock from just down the road in Midland. Tyler came to Texas Tech because the atmosphere and the environment was what he was looking for in a college. He grew up being a Tech fan so coming to Tech was a childhood dream come true. Tyler rushed Saddle Tramps in Fall '17 and is part of the Neff Said pledge class. He rushed Saddle Tramps because he wanted to make the campus a better place. Tyler's advice to future Red Raiders is, "enjoy every minute of it because it flies by. And wash your hands. Always wash your hands." A fun fact about Tyler is, he serves as our Eval chairman and is graduating in Spring 2021 with a degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics.

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