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Battle for the Saddle

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hey there Red Raiders!

This week has been on the slower side of things since the Football game is away but we still have some news so let’s get into it!

Last week was rough for us and the Red Raider football team. Do to rising cases of Covid, the President’s office put an order in place that limited in person events to a max of 10 people. That made wrapping on Thursday quite difficult but we still got it done! Then on Saturday we watched a heartbreaker of a game against OU. We know there were a lot of comments on how the team played but one thing we know is this, this team can play well. The first drive of that game and a few plays scattered throughout really showed what this team can do. Just fix a few mistakes and that game was closer than what the final score was.

This week we began talking about our plans for the future semesters. In this week’s meeting we opened nominations for our future Exec as well as talked about how Covid could potentially change how basketball and baseball would work. What we can tell you is this, we’re not sure how things will change because Covid is always changing, but The Saddle Tramps will be there from the beginning of the game, to the end. This week the team plays in Fort Worth. Even know the game is away, we expect it to be a good game. Hopefully that Saddle Trophy will be coming home with us!

Check back in two weeks for another edition of the Bell Ringer and be sure to subscribe! Wreck Em!

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