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End Of The Semester

This is the end of the semester for us. The 61st Annual Carol of Lights celebration was last night and we had a blast as always. We are already looking forward to next year which will be Tuesday Dec. 1st, 2020! Tonight (12/4) we have the Carol of Lights Bell Tower Tours from 7-9 p.m. If you’re in town and need something to do, come up to the Bell Tower and see the lights from the best view at TTU! This week as a big week for us as we elected our new Executive Board and had Final Review for our pledges.

The Executive Board for the Spring 2020 Semester is

President: Brandt Schneider- Fall '16 Hub City Hell Raisers

1st Vice President: Jake Van Horn- Fall '17 Neff Said

2nd Vice President: Andrew Sabatino- Fall '17 Neff Said

Secretary: Trevor Bolger- Fall '18 Fearless Trampions

Treasurer: Regi Lane- Fall '17 Neff Said

Treasurer's Assistant: Parker Knapp- Spring '19 Red Dirt Raiders

Sergeant-At-Arms: Carlos Rangel- Fall '18 Fearless Trampions and Gage Brockman- Fall '17 Neff Said

23 Pledges made it through Final Review. They are "The Night's Watch". Their names are Andrew Teague, Corey Obregon, Corey Nelson, PJ Moore, Aubrey Warner, Austin Wheelock, Blaine Richardson, Cade Sharp, Caleb Askins, Cameron Smith, Chase Hoodenpyle, Chris Vardy, Cody Self, Frank Martinez, JT Powers, Joe Manna, Jordan Marcum, Justin Osburn, Logan Alvear, Matthew Brown, Nathan Dudley, Ty McClellen, and Manning Marsh. Congrats to them all!

We have truly enjoyed every minute of this semester. We hope all of you have a great holiday season and we'll see you next semester! WRECK EM!

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