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Iowa State (Homecoming)

This breakdown was completed by Russ Morris and Ethan Nieporte.

General Analysis

Texas Tech returns home this week after an emotional loss last Saturday at Baylor 33-30. Jett Duffey played another impressive game, 425 yds and 1TD, by only having ONE bad pass and was able to perform in the clutch. He did feel the wrath of the Baylor pass rush this week though, Baylor has one of the ten best pass defenses in the country…2nd to only OU. Sa’Rodrick Thompson had another impressive showing running the ball tallying 130 yds and 2TDs on the day. RJ Turner provided a much-needed spark for the receivers and had his best game, 107 yds receiving on the day. The defense played their best to the very end. They weren’t going to stop their big three, but they did contain them. Denzel Mimms was not the leading receiver on the day and Tech forced three turnovers. Pretty impressive for an emotional roller coaster. Mental preparation will be a major factor for the Red Raiders this week.

Iowa State comes to the South plains after taking care of West Virginia 31-17. The Cyclones had it very easy over a rebuilding Mountaineer team. They still play the “3 Double Cloud” against passing teams, but the primary scheme is the “Odd Stack”. The formation combines multiple formations in the 3-4 and 3-3-5 to stop the run. It may look like a 3-4 stack, but it is very different. Iowa State has beaten the Red Raiders the past three seasons, 2016-18, and have some momentum coming into the Jones. Since the hiring of Matt Campbell, the Cyclones have been a dark horse for the Big 12, have had back-back 8-win seasons, and have posted a top 30 defense on average. There has been a noticeable change from their Regents down to the AD. They will always be a force to reckon with under Campbell. DO NOT TAKE THEM LIGHTLY!

Iowa State Cyclones 4-2: Big 12 (2-1)

Iowa State enters the Jones after taking care of West Virginia 31-17. Their defense was the highlight of the game and will be a focal point again this week. Their defense is led by their D-Line and Linebackers. #58 Nose Guard and #23 OLB have been outstanding this season. They lead their defense in tackles and TFLs and have excellent backside pursuit. They never take a play off and will fly to the ball. Offensively they are led by Brock Purdy. Purdy is one of the more under appreciated QBs in the country. He can be inconsistent in the pocket at times but has a natural ability to extend plays and keep drives alive. His ability to extend the plays is crucial to their offensive success. Sure they are pretty good at running the ball, but when they need a spark to get going, he can provide that with his legs. How Tech can contain him will be a big factor on Saturday. The majority of big runs against the Red Raiders have been quarterback scrambles, so be on the look out for how Tech responds to that.

Texas Tech Red Raiders 3-3: Big 12 (1-2)

Texas Tech returns home for homecoming this Saturday after a heart-breaking loss to Baylor. Tech takes on the Cyclones, who have had their number the past three seasons. As a team, Tech looked very impressive against the Bears. Baylor has the potential to cause some problems in the Big 12 this season and credit their players for buying into what Matt Rhule is preaching there. Baylor had the nations 5th best pass rush and one of the complete offenses coming into last week. Remember, the beat a very good Iowa State team that held Iowa in check. Baylor is not over-rated by any means. What happened during the game was perfect. Both teams provided offensive firepower and the defenses traded blows with each other. If this was a boxing match, Baylor and Tech were even into the 12th round. Baylor ran the same scoring plays in the 4th quarter in OT. QB sneaks out of pro, Midline to the right and left, and RB slip screen fake to slot. That’s how Tech lost. Looking at the long term, this is a foundation setting moment for the program moving forward. How Tech responds at 11 after an emotional roller coaster could set the tone for the rest of the season. After ISU the only tough opponent left is UT. The rest of the season is manageable. Both KU and WVU are on the road while TCU and K-State are at home. This has the potential to set the foundation like the win did against OSU. As far as Saturday goes, there’s not much to say about Iowa State since it is the same thing since Matt Campbell was hired there. Contain Brock Purdy, protect Jett, and be effective running the ball and there is a chance for victory. How Tech is prepared MENTALLY will be key for this week. This should be an interesting game on Saturday. Tech’s chances are really good.

Saddle Tramp News:

To quote our President Brandt Schneider, "Welcome to Hell Week!" This week is our Super Bowl. We had S.O. Sing on Tuesday, which if you haven't heard yet, we are still the #champs. A special thanks to our partners the Miller Girls for helping us win! Y'all were great! Thursday we have wrapping, followed by Midnight Raiders (like usual). Friday morning we are dividing and conquering. Starting at the butt crack of dawn, half of us will be at "The Avenue" student living complex, loading up trailers full of pallets while the other half will be at the Bonfire pit on campus. We have about 500 pallets to stack up so we'll be building on campus from about 6 a.m. till about 9:30 a.m. Now, we're not complaining. This is our favorite time of the year. It's a lot of work but watching all of our hard work literally go up in flames is beyond rewarding. It's the best feeling. Then we get to walk from the First Baptist Church on Broadway, all the way down to the USA doing Bell Circles the whole way so be sure to come to the parade and see us! Finally, its time to light the bonfire. Its a big ceremony with the Pom Squad, Cheer, the Masked Rider, Raider Red, and of course us! When the Bonfire is out and we are released, its an extremely quick turn around because we have an 11 a.m. kick-off on Saturday. We're gonna be exhausted but we promise we're still gonna bring the energy like always. Happy Homecoming Week!

Wreck 'Em!!!!!!!

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