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Season's Ringings

Well, Raider Nation, this is the last Bell Ringer Newsletter of the semester. Since we're not coming back to campus after Thanksgiving, there won't be much news to report on. So this is it!

This week was our final meeting of the semester. Which means we held our elections for the next Exec. We elected a new 1st Vice, 2nd Vice, and Treasurer's Assistant. The new 1st Vice is Parker Napp of the Spring '19 pledge class, the new 2nd Vice is John Boyd of the Fall '18 pledge class, and the new Treasurer's Assistant is Chase Hoodenpyle of the Fall '19 pledge class.

The new Exec is

Gage Brockman-President

Parker Napp- 1st Vice

John Boyd- 2nd Vice

Andrew Teague- Secretary

JT Powers- Treasurer

Chase Hoodenpyle- Treasurer's Assistant

PJ Moore- Sergeant

Joe Manna- Sergeant

Wish these guys luck as they guide this organization into the next semester!

At our last meeting, we also had Final Review for the pledges. I am very happy to announce that all 20 pledges made it through and are now part of the organization, even with everything working against them. They had to make it through an ever-changing schedule, plans that always seemed to get changed, and zoom meetings. This is truly a great group of guys and we are lucky to have them as part of the organization.

We've been asked to pass along some information regarding the Saddle Tramp alumni. If you wish to purchase a Saddle Tramp letter jacket, please head to to purchase one now in time for the Holidays!

If you're potentially interested in helping contribute to building a Raider Red statue, please considering donating to the "107 project to Victory". You can find more information regarding this amazing opportunity on

Even though most of our guys are heading home for the holidays, we still have enough for the Kansas football game. We'll have guys on Bertha, the Field Goal nets, shotguns, and even enough for the stands. We look forward to ending the regular season on a high note!!

Red Raider Nation, you may know the author of this publication as Goose but my real name is Jake Van Horn. I am the Public Relations chairman and the now former, 1st Vice President. Beginning next semester, this newsletter might have a new feel to it. I am graduating from Texas Tech and thus, I cannot manage this newsletter anymore. I don't know who the author will be yet but trust me when I say, they will be great and you will be in great hands. When I first created this website and newsletter, I had no idea we would get the audience we have now. I just want to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you for reading these and getting invested in this organization. It has been an honor and a pleasure to keep you all updated with Saddle Tramp news for these past 2 years. Please continue to be invested in this organization. These guys are great and the future of this organization is bright.

If you haven't yet and you want all the newsletter updates, please subscribe!

Wreck Em

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1 Comment

Jake, I want to say thank you! You have been the BEST at communication! I will always be here for a recommendation, you rocked this web site and newsletter! Please find a person who has your passion to communicate with alumni!


Billy Smith

DDG Spring 1980

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