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Snow Day

Hey Red Raider Nation! We've had a bit of a crazy last couple of days here in the 806!

Tuesday, Jan. 4th, the Red Raider Basketball team beat the Oklahoma Sooners 69-61! The next day the snow came down! We got some great pictures of the Tech campus all covered in snow and we all got a little break from going to class for a little bit. Tires were rolled downhills and cardboard boxes were torn apart for sledding. It's safe to say all the students had a great time after classes got canceled.

Saddle Tramp Of The Week: Trevor Bolger

This week the Saddle Tramp of the week is Trevor Bolger! Trevor is from Round Rock, Texas. He wanted to come to Texas Tech because he wants to be an Architect and Tech has a great Architecture program! Trevor rushed Saddle Tramps in the Fall of 2018 and is part of the Fearless Trampions pledge class. He rushed Saddle Tramps because he is friends with one of the older Saddle Tramps Andrew Sabatino and Andrew encouraged him to give it a shot! Trevor's advice for future Freshman is to have goals and work towards them, do your homework, and DON'T SKIP CLASS! His favorite thing about Saddle Tramps is being on the field or in the stands with all the guys.

Also, we have a little shout out to give. A HUGE shout out to the Lady Raider Basketball team by setting a new Big 12 record! The Lady Raiders' made 20 three-pointers!! This record was also the most threes by a major conference team in nearly Two Years! Congrats Lady Raiders on this outstanding accomplishment!

We hope everyone has a great weekend! #WreckEm

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