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Still Undefeated

On December 5th our Red Raider Basketball team took on the Arkansas Pine-Bluff Golden Lions in a game that went down to the wire. Just kidding. After a bit of a slow start, we (The Saddle Tramps) realized we gotta help the team out so we got together and made a plan of attack. We began to do the one thing we knew how to do. Passive Aggressively roast the visiting team. It all began with number 21. Middle of the first half and poor 21 decided to Airball. He soon regretted that decision because if you've ever been to a game, you would know that we are ruthless and we don't surrender. Every time 21 got the ball, the "Airball" chants rained down upon him. Unfortunately for him the only point he had that night was one free throw he made. With the sounds of his failure echoing through his head, 21 was benched. In the final minuets of the game, we decided to cheer on the the Golden Lions saying "Hey, 46 isn't bad!" and when they made it to 47, we gave them a standing ovation; even though we were already standing. After the fat lady sang, the score was 65-47. And while the Victory Bells were ringing, Coach Chris Beard gave us a shout out on his twitter. Thanks Coach! It was a great night.

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