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The Main Event

Hey there Red Raider nation! Thanks for checking in on this week's Bell Ringer!

The following breakdown was completed by Russ Morris


General Analysis

Texas Tech returns home, after a heartbreaker to Baylor on Monday

night, to take on the Kansas Jayhawks. This game is big for several

reasons. If Tech beats Kansas, Baylor clinches a share of the conference

title which, in turn, means that if Kansas and Baylor meet in the final

round of the Big 12 tourney, the winner will more than likely be the

number one overall seed for the NCAA Tournament. On the other hand,

if Kansas beats Tech, Kansas wins the Big 12 regular-season title again,

and will more than likely be the number one overall seed in the NCAA

Tournament. Texas Tech is looking to enter both the Big 12 and NCAA

Tournaments on a high note as they are currently on a four-game losing

streak. The Red Raiders are currently listed as a 9 seed with room to move

up to an 8 seed or the last 7 seed spot available. For Tech to reach a 7

seed they must beat Kansas and win the Big 12 Tournament. Tech

locked in a tournament spot weeks ago, due to how wild the season has

been. The only thing to play for is the opportunity to improve your

chances at making a run. In each of the losses the biggest stats that stand

out are second-chance points and points in the paint in the second half.

There are currently two players that give Tech chances at second-chance

points, Chris Clarke and Kevin McCuller. They have accounted for at

least 46% of the opportunities underneath the basket. If there is an “atta

boy” award for grit, those two are the leading candidates. The rest of the

lineup is giving up the other 54% of chances underneath the basket on

the offensive and defensive side of the court. The winner of the game

this week will win both rebounding categories, points in the paint, free

throws, and second-chance points. This Kansas team coming to Lubbock

is completely different than last year. The only player missing is De

Souza. This will be the best team Tech has played the second time this

year. Tech has to play complete for a shot at a victory.

Kansas Jayhawks Big 12 (15-1) 26-3

The Kansas Jayhawks enter the South Plains looking like the favorites to

cut down the nets in Atlanta, which I currently agree with. There are

four teams currently, maybe five, that are hitting their strides at the right

time in terms of completeness and Kansas is one of them. Dotson is

their best player and is an athletic fool. He is the leading scorer in the

conference averaging 18.2 points per game. Dotson will be a first-round

draft pick this year and looks like he could go early or in the middle. He

is playing looser this year because of Udoka Azubuike. Azubuike is one

of the best big men in the country. He shoots 74% from the field, has

range, and is averaging 10.3 rebounds per game. He is the staple that

holds this team together. If they are to reach the National Championship

game, it will be because of him. How Tech can keep these two in check

is the biggest key to victory on Saturday.

Texas Tech Red Raiders Big 12 (9-8) 18-12

The Red Raiders return home for a huge test against the Jayhawks on

Senior Day. Tech is looking to end their four-game losing streak, but it

will take the best game of the year to do so. The Red Raiders have had

plenty of chances to win but can never close-out the final three minutes

of games. Jahmi’us Ramsey is still the leading scorer (17.4 points per

game) but not the leading closer. Kevin McCuller looks like he has

established that role, but is inconsistent with it every week. Moretti is

still a dog on the court but we only see flashes of his true potential.

Beard said at the beginning that this will be a roller coaster due to how

young everyone is, but nobody was expecting this much on

inconsistency. There’s not much left to breakdown on the regular season

due to the given product on TV and film. It is the same song, fifth verse.

If Tech plays with consistency, makes shots and plays the best game of

the year, then we can win this game. Our best players must perform to

the level that is expected of them.

Bottom Line

The game this weekend is going to be an interesting game. Kansas is

looking to continue their dominance, while Tech is looking to start a run.

Tech has a legitimate shot to win because of the recent history between

the two teams. Tech has championship potential but is inconsistent,

while the only weakness to Kansas is that they can be outcoached and

played defensively. It’s going to be tough, but it can happen.

Saddle Tramp News:

Our pledges are doing great! Mid-Review is around the corner and all the guys are doing great on their Saddle Tramp tests, as well as their actual classwork. Last night was also Big/Little night for our organization! All of our pledges go to meet the guys who will help guide them through the rest of their pledgeship. The pledges also joined their families last night after receiving their bigs. 2 pledges joined the Banditos family, bringing the total to 22 members. 1 pledge joined the Trampasaurus family, bringing the total to 15 members. 1 pledge joined the Regis family, bringing the total to 5 members. And 1 pledge joined the Sessadab family bringing the total to 12 members.

Saddle Tramp of the Week: Michael Zabbatino

Michael Zabbatino comes to us from Deer Park, New York where he was born and raised until he moved down to Austin, Texas when he was 14. He chose to come to TTU because this place felt like somewhere he could "call home for the next 4 years". "Zab" as we call him, rushed Saddle Tramps to get a sense of brotherhood that he had experienced earlier in life by playing sports. He is in the Fall '17 Neff Said pledge class and is part of the Regis family. Zab has been the Intramural Chairman, served on pledge staff, and was 2nd Vice President during the Fall '19 pledge class. His best piece of advice for future Red Raiders is, "you need to work hard for everything you do, don't procrastinate, and most importantly have fun." Michael's fun fact is that he has previously worked as a summer camp leader at Red Raider Camp!

Thank you for checking out the Bell Ringer this week! If you would like to get email notifications about every new posting, there is a sign up at the bottom of the page! We promise not to spam your email! Have a good rest of your week Red Raiders! WRECK 'EM

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