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The Pandemic Panhandlers

Hey there Red Raider nation!

We hope you‘re having a great week so far! We have some Saddle Tramp news this week for y’all so let’s get right into this week’s edition of the Bell Ringer!

The Fall 2020 pledge class just got back from pledge retreat this past weekend. They had a great time out at Buffalo Springs Lake where they bonded as pledge brothers, created a pledge class song, and learned all about our traditions. They came up with the pledge class name, The Pandemic Panhandlers!

As always we are extremely grateful to the staff out at Buffalo Springs for their support of our organization! This past weekend while the new guys were at retreat, the actives had the privilege of serving at the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church‘s pumpkin patch. If you’re in Lubbock, swing by and grab yourself a great looking pumpkin. We really enjoy going out there and helping with their pumpkin drive every fall!

Unfortunately, we have some bad news. We received word that the Student Activities Board has cancelled the Homecoming Parade and the Homecoming Bonfire due to concerns of Covid-19. While we are very saddened by this news, we understand that things are different now. We’re still planning on Wrapping Will Rogers, having midnight Raiders, and of course, being at the game against West Virginia on Oct. 24th.

That’s about all we got this week! We expect a really good football game this weekend against the Iowa State Cyclones!

Wreck Em!

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