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Welcome To The Rip

Red Raider Nation, IT IS BASEBALL TIME! This weekend we welcome HBU and Northern Colorado to RIP Griffin Ballpark for the first games of the 2020 Season! For the third straight season, organizations around the country have ranked us in the top 10! This Red Raider Baseball team is primed for a deep run again this year! We could not be more excited for this season to finally start!

On Feb. 10, the Red Raider basketball team defeated TCU 88-42.If you missed the game, you missed our largest margin of victory in the Big 12, EVER! We also lead the league in 3 pointers and this game helped tremendously. There's not many games left until the Big 12 Tourney and March Madness so if you haven't made it out to a game yet, we HIGHLY recommend coming to a game.

Saddle Tramp of the Week: PJ Moore

This weeks Saddle Tramp of the Week is PJ Moore. PJ is a freshman from Tomball, TX which is outside of Houston. PJ came to Texas Tech because he has always loved the Red Raiders and when he finally toured the campus, he knew this was home. PJ rushed Saddle Tramps because one of his close friends told him about us and we "seemed like a cool organization" to join. PJ is part of the Fall '19 Night's Watch and even served as their Pledge Class President. PJ is serving on our Rush Committee and is helping get new guys into the organization. His advice to future Freshman is to "Go to class, get involved, and don't put things off until the last minute." A little fun fact about PJ is, he has visited 25 of the 50 States.

New Guy Update:

Our new guys are doing great so far! They are in the process of meeting all the actives and are getting ready to pick their Pledge Class name and create their song!

We hope everyone has a great rest of your week and a Happy Valentines Day! WRECK EM!!

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